Leveraging the Potential for ‘Word of Mouth’ and ‘Word of Mouse’

I wholeheartedly share my colleague’s fascination about the power of Word of Mouth – and in today’s reality, Word of Mouse.

In an interview piece published today, Wendy Swiggett, Senior Vice President of Global Ad Testing Development with Ipsos ASI, shared her thoughts on how to best harness Word of Mouth and the real-world benefits of what we at Ipsos ASI call re-transmission — the sharing of the ad’s content from a trusted source thus transferring endorsement of that product or message. The results create a multiplier effect on both ad reception and response, and the best part is, they are measurable.

As you can see by Ipsos ASI’s Re-Transmission Potential Score (above), the stronger the result, the greater the potential is for an ad to be viewed online. In the real world, understanding re-transmission is a matter of understanding all of the behaviors that contribute to the brand’s earned media. Think of it as an additional touchpoint.

Wendy’s paper goes on to provide detailed case studies of two ads from the 2012 Super Bowl: M&M’s ‘Just My Shell’ and Chrysler’s ‘Halftime in America’. Both illustrate how different types of ads can achieve re-transmission.

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