Disco May be Dead, But a Good Idea Should Live!

Ah, the 1970s.

It was the time of Charlie’s Angels, Saturday Night Fever and ABBA.

And as Elissa Moses confesses, it was also a time when she killed more than an ad or two – most without regret or hesitation. But then, of course, there is always that one that haunts you…like an oil embargo or Watergate or those plaid bellbottom pants.

In Elissa’s recent article in the Agency Post, she shares a valuable lesson that she learned in the ‘Me’ decade: if you can’t stop watching an ad, don’t kill it! I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes an idea makes us feel a bit uncomfortable, but if it is memorable, connects with the brand story, and leaves a lasting impression, a little discomfort can mean a big payoff.

Elissa Moses is Executive Vice President and Head of the Ipsos Centre of Excellence for Neuroscience and Emotion. Click here to read Elissa’s article: Confessions of an “Ex Ad Killer”.