Adding Fuel to Your Creative Fire

In the business of nurturing great creative ideas, there’s little question that marketers want to know what consumers think of our creative efforts, but often it’s a question of when we find out that can help make an idea better. One of the fastest growing trends in market research is getting consumer insight when it matters most to the creative process: when it’s going on.

Technology allows us to be so much faster and more efficient in the process of asking consumers about advertising. And it allows us to provide a range of options to suit your needs – regardless of timelines. Need an answer that won’t interrupt or slow down your fast-paced world of creative development? Today we can get consumer feedback literally while the creative department is writing the scripts and drawing the boards. And more importantly, at Ipsos ASI our extensive experience in nurturing great creative allows us to be smart and efficient in the questions we ask consumers – just a few short questions will help us guide the creative development process as it unfolds.

Now your creative team doesn’t have to wait to know which celebrity endorser they should go after; or which tagline will have the most impact on the brand; or which mnemonic is most relevant to your brand. We can get that information now, while the creative guys are still hovering over the drafting table.

And so we bring you the words that every creative director in the world has been waiting for – the evolution of the communications research business has officially transitioned from assessor of creative work to enabler of great creative.

Despite the speed, nurturing great creative still takes a smart and rigorous process. It’s not good enough to just have a popularity contest. It requires a reputable supplier that will go beyond “likes” and ask consumers to assess creative options in the context of the brand and the idea. In this way, research can help strengthen the idea and ensure a winning creative platform in-market.

At Ipsos ASI, we’ve developed an overnight mobile solution that allows us to help guide the creative minds as they draft creative concepts. We recently ran a pilot for a major national brand of laundry detergent and were able to provide clear direction on the optimal tagline for their new creative platform early in the creative process so the creative team can build on what they learn! The approach allows creative teams to truly build on their great ideas.

While quick and efficient, it provides consumer response across four key measures – overall liking, relevance, distinctiveness and impact on the brand (see chart below). Our extensive experience in communications testing has taught us these are important factors in identifying breakthrough communications. The approach also allows for consumers to tell us why they prefer the one they do, and the addition of verbatim responses helps to provide some “colour” to the analysis. In this case, consumers liked Tagline C best because it was catchy as well as being clear and relatable.


In the ever-changing landscape of brand communications, creative opportunities evolve more quickly than ever. If you are in the business of developing creative ideas and want to know how to optimize them before they are fully built, drop me a line and we can talk about enabling great creative work that will win over your clients in that very first pitch presentation. Work with smart, quick, overnight mobile solutions to add fuel to your creative fire!