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It Takes a Village: Driving Innovation with Online Communities

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and now that I have a rambunctious one year old of my own, I completely agree. But as a researcher, I could not help but think this is also true of developing an innovation. It takes a helping hand and input from hundreds, if not…


TOMAmeter March 2 – 8: FOX Continues to Build an Empire

After a six week absence, FOX’s Empire has returned to #2, coming in just behind AMC’s The Walking Dead. Empire has been growing every week as it builds toward it season finale, so look for the popular drama to remain at the top of the rankings as we head into spring.

March 8 word cloud


TOMAmeter February 23 – March 1: Frank Underwood Returns to the TOMAmeter

A popular streaming service drama returned to Netflix last week and binge watcher or not, mentions of House of Cards proved to be strong. The program debuts at #10 this week which is an improvement on last season’s premiere when it placed at #18.

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People are talking (and posting) about customer service


If you are one of the millions of Americans who’ve been ignored, stuck on hold, passed from person to person, lost in a chat room discussion, or simply unable to get one ounce of satisfaction from a customer experience gone wrong, you are certainly not on Gilligan’s Island by yourself. Chances are Skipper, Professor, the Movie Star, and Mary Ann, are right there with you.


TOMAmeter February 16 – 22: And The Winner Is ….

AMC’s The Walking Dead has been the favorite heading into this week, but ABC’s telecast of The Oscars/Academy Awards made quite the splash in our rankings this week. The Oscars/Academy Awards went from outside the Top 20 last week to #4 this week, which matched its performance from last year.

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Stay Plugged In With Your Customers

Let’s face it. The telecommunications marketplace can be tough. There are more companies than ever competing for market share, and consumers are becoming increasingly fickle towards brands. If a positive experience isn’t delivered, there’s a good chance they will move onto another brand.

In exploring the telecommunications landscape, we’ve identified several business realities that manufacturers and marketers must face. Companies that acknowledge and address these realities are more likely to see increased trust, loyalty and satisfaction among consumers.


Perils of Perception

Join Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, as he discusses the results of Ipsos’ recent global survey, the Perils of Perception.

This 14 country study looks at how accurate – or inaccurate – people are when asked to estimate basic facts about their population or social issues.


TOMAmeter February 9 – 15: Big Shake Up in the Top 20!

The Grammy Awards sped past the competition on its way to #2 in this week’s rankings after a buzzworthy week following the proceedings. Kanye West’s antics were one of the reasons the award show moved up seven places this week.

Feb 17


I moved so slow, I didn’t know that I was backing up

It’s not that often you see an article about concept testing titled with a lyric from a rock band; even less often a band called “The New Pornographers.” (Note to the Ipsos IT department:  I swear, it’s a band, don’t take away my Internet access, it’s from a great song called Backstairs – sorry I…


TOMAmeter February 2 – 8: Big Leap for The Blacklist!

Mentions of NFL/Super Bowl were predictably down this week, but the big game still sits at #3 after taking the top spot last week. NBC’s The Blacklist moved up eight places to #2 sitting right behind AMC’s The Walking Dead which reclaimed #1 this week.

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