Attitudes Toward Trade

  • Americans are most focused on domestic issues: in particular, economy and jobs.

most important problems

  • A very strong majority of Americans see international trade as an important policy focus. However, they do have serious reservations and believe that the US gets the “short end of the stick” on trade deals.
    • Specifically, they see international trade as a primary driver of lower priced goods and services.
    • They also believe that the US should enter into more trade agreements that benefit  the export of American goods and services.
    • However,  Americans do have concerns that trade agreements take away jobs, hurting the average American.

importance of international trade

support for new international trade agreementsinternational trade seen as keeping cost low on goods

but international trade allso seen as causing job loss

  • Take the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as an example.
    • Only a small minority support the initiative but a strong plurality want to renegotiate it.
    • Simply put, trade is important, but it must be on America’s terms.

awareness of tpp

strong plurality support for renegotiating tppsupport for passing the tpp


Data for this post was collected from the Reuters/Ipsos Polling Explorer and an Ipsos/Alliance for American Manufacturing Poll.