Seizing the Future: A Global Study of Women

We just released the fifth wave of Women, Power & Money – a study that Ipsos MediaCT conducts for FleishmanHillard and Hearst Magazines.

Entitled Seizing the Future, the latest wave of the study finds women to be increasingly future-focused as economic anxiety eases.  She is now more likely to describe herself as knowledgeable, independent and successful, and continues growing into her multi-faceted leadership roles – in the home, workplace, and marketplace.

Gen Y (or Millennial) women are most likely to describe themselves as smart and successful, but also stressed and exhausted – reflecting the potential and the pressure felt by young women today.   We see the emergence of Gen Y women as a truly global generation, with perspectives and marketplace preferences that transcend borders and cultures, shaped by shared experiences of technology, social media, emerging brands, and a cultural narrative that preaches “leaning in” and “girls can do anything boys can do.” 

Across generations, and across countries, we find that women dominate day-to-day spending, and are at least equal partners in big-ticket and financial decisions.  She is value-oriented, and seeks “solid” brands that reliably deliver utilitarian excellence.  “Brand loyalty” in the traditional sense is relatively rare for her, even when she is satisfied with existing brands. “Option overwhelm” is prevalent and rising, as 43% of American women agree “I’m overwhelmed by all the product choices available these days” – up significantly from a year ago, and even higher abroad. 

Wave 5 of Women, Power & Money included more than 4500 interviews across 5 countries, and includes a detailed look at purchase decision-making in 12 categories.  A detailed White Paper can be found here.