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Storm Clouds on the BRIC Horizon: Falling consumer optimism in Brazil, Russia, India, and China

The economic meltdown of late 2008 and early 2009, while global in nature, most squarely affected Europe, the United States, and more generally the industrialized world. In many of these places, consumer optimism fell between 30 and 40 points and has been very slow to recover since. Such dampened consumer enthusiasm, in turn, equated into serious household de-leveraging and reduced interest in spending on non-essentials goods and services. In contrast, this economic scenario only marginally affected consumers in emerging markets and, in particular, the BRIC countries. Indeed, at the same time the industrialized world was collapsing, consumer optimism and spending in emerging markets reached a fevered pitch. Many proclaimed a new world order with a new South-South economic axis. Within this context, most captains of multinationals had an emerging market strategy to help mitigate the uncertainties in Europe and the US.

That was then. What, though, is the state of global consumer sentiment today in 2012?


Live Innovation

Innovation is a cornerstone of success. Building on that, the Ipsos office in Vancouver recently hosted its own Knowledge Summit on July 17 at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel. The event – It’s Cool to be Innovative – showcased tips, techniques, and cool research methodologies in terms of customer understanding, and taking brand and business success to the next level.


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Welcome to 2012. And welcome to Ipsos Ideas Spotlight. This is our blog for all things research and today we begin the first step on a long journey. There is no ultimate destination. Just a series of adventures, discoveries and a great deal of learning and evolving – after all, that is the way with research. So come back again and come back often as the story unfolds and the blog grows and expands. We welcome your feedback, your questions, your suggestions and encourage you to engage in the dialogue and share your perspectives.