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Infographic: Week Two of Ontario Election on Twitter (May 10-16)

Ontarians continue to talk politics on Twitter with the bulk of the conversations surrounding the Conservatives. The Tories are dominating the discussion with 62% of the mentions, while the Liberals (25%) and the NDP (12%) trail in the debate. While the share of weekly buzz may be in the Conservatives favour, the sentiment toward the PCs remained largely negative (59% negative, 8% positive and 33% neutral).

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Infographic: Week One of Ontario Election on Twitter (May 2-9)

With the Ontario election campaign underway, Ontarians wasted little time turning to Twitter to discuss the parties and their platforms. The social media debate included 37% of Ontarians talking policy and politics online.

The Liberals (39%) and the Tories (38%) shared the most buzz, while the NDP (23%) trailed behind in the number of mentions.

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Canadian Ethnic Group Use of the Internet and Twitter for Public Discourse

Some Canadians are riding the digital wave, while others are lagging behind as the internet and social media expand the number of ways people can express themselves, communicate and find information. We rolled up 20,000+ online interviews conducted in 2013 to identify which Canadian subgroups are using the internet and Twitter for social and political discourse.

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Observations on Healthcare Exchange Enrollment pt.2

With yesterday’s end (1) of the open enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act healthcare exchanges, I thought it might be time to revisit some of the data we’ve collected on the enrollees. One of the most frequently asked questions about … Read More…

Traditional Media Alive and Well, Remains Very Widely Used Among Canadians

The battle between traditional and digital media rages on as Canadians are using a continuously expanding menu of channels and media in their daily lives.

While the media landscape continues to evolve with digital alternatives, traditional media remains widely used among Canadians. Conventional TV and radio continue to rank in the top three most frequently used media sources.

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The Changing Perspectives of Young Canadians

Every generation has its share of opportunities and challenges. Generation Y (or the Millennials) has grown up surrounded with an excess of technology and devices with access to information at their fingertips. While these unprecedented amounts of new technology and information provide unique opportunities compared to previous generations, Generation Y also face high levels of youth unemployment and stagnant economic conditions for the foreseeable future.

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Observations on Healthcare Exchange Enrollment

The biggest question that has surrounded the launch of the Affordable Care Act healthcare exchanges is whether they could attract enough “young invincibles” to make the enterprise financially sustainable. Or, would “adverse selection”  saddle the system with older, sicker customers … Read More…

All Presidents have their Waterloo: Reflections on Obama’s Declining Approval Ratings

The Obama administration is definitely in a funk.  Polls of all stripes have shown a strong decline in his approval ratings.  Indeed, shows that from Obama’s inauguration in late January  to mid-December 2012 his approval ratings have dropped by about 11 points—51 to 42 (see below).

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Darrell Bricker at TEDxToronto: The Big Shift – Understanding the New Canadian

On September 26, 2013, Darrell Bricker – Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos Public Affairs, was one of a select number of presenters at Toronto’s fifth annual TEDx conference!

Watch Darrell’s presentation at TEDx on The Big Shift – Understanding The New Canadian.

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Traditional or Digital? Canadians’ Conventional, Online and Social Media Use

With more people going online every day, media consumption habits have undeniably changed. But, has a shift towards digital replaced traditional mediums such as television and radio?

We asked Canadians about their daily media use and the results reveal traditional media use is still alive and well, and remains very widely used among Canadians.

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