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TOMAmeter March 9 – 15: Big Week for The Blacklist

NBC’s The Blacklist made an impressive jump of five places in our rankings this week and is now the 5th most mentioned program. After a brief slip last week, The Blacklist is now back in familiar territory at #5. With the exception of last week, The Blacklist has remained high on our list since its episode following the Super Bowl back in the beginning of February.

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TOMAmeter March 2 – 8: FOX Continues to Build an Empire

After a six week absence, FOX’s Empire has returned to #2, coming in just behind AMC’s The Walking Dead. Empire has been growing every week as it builds toward it season finale, so look for the popular drama to remain at the top of the rankings as we head into spring.

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TOMAmeter February 23 – March 1: Frank Underwood Returns to the TOMAmeter

A popular streaming service drama returned to Netflix last week and binge watcher or not, mentions of House of Cards proved to be strong. The program debuts at #10 this week which is an improvement on last season’s premiere when it placed at #18.

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TOMAmeter February 16 – 22: And The Winner Is ….

AMC’s The Walking Dead has been the favorite heading into this week, but ABC’s telecast of The Oscars/Academy Awards made quite the splash in our rankings this week. The Oscars/Academy Awards went from outside the Top 20 last week to #4 this week, which matched its performance from last year.

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TOMAmeter February 9 – 15: Big Shake Up in the Top 20!

The Grammy Awards sped past the competition on its way to #2 in this week’s rankings after a buzzworthy week following the proceedings. Kanye West’s antics were one of the reasons the award show moved up seven places this week.

Feb 17


TOMAmeter February 2 – 8: Big Leap for The Blacklist!

Mentions of NFL/Super Bowl were predictably down this week, but the big game still sits at #3 after taking the top spot last week. NBC’s The Blacklist moved up eight places to #2 sitting right behind AMC’s The Walking Dead which reclaimed #1 this week.

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Why Bother with Likely Voters

The Ipsos approach to likely voters involves asking multiple questions, assigning each person a score based on their responses, and reporting on likely voters based on expected turnout… So what? Why do we go to all this trouble to build a sophisticated  (and expensive!) likely voter model? We do it because likely voter model construction…


TOMAmeter January 26 – February 1: The New England Patriots are TOMAmeter Champs!

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for defeating the Seattle Seahawks and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Mentions of NFL/Super Bowl in the week leading up to the game were enough to unseat the zombie drama for the first time since Gotham managed the coup back in September. With the mid-season premiere around the corner, look for The Walking Dead to reclaim the top spot as soon as next week.

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Formulating Likely Voters — Ipsos’ Approach

In the reporting of public opinion, there are few widely-discussed concepts that are as confusing or misunderstood as “likely voters”. Many poll observers think likely voters are a hard and fast classification with clear definitions; this could not be further from the truth. The reality is the construction of likely voter identification is extremely variable…


TOMAmeter January 19-25: Can the Patriots vs. the Seahawks Defeat The Walking Dead?

The battle between New England and Seattle is right around the corner but the biggest competitor this week is AMC’s The Walking Dead. Mentions of the NFL/Super Bowl were strong enough to propel the big game up five places to rank just behind the zombie drama. Mentions should grow before kickoff this Sunday so look for changes at the top much like what we saw after last year’s championship game.

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