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The State of Marketing in British Columbia

What keeps B.C.’s marketers up at night? What new and innovative ideas are they keen to explore? Which brands inspire them the most? We wanted to know so in conjunction with the British Columbia Association of Integrated Marketers, we turned to marketing, communications and advertising professionals across the province to get a clearer picture.

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I recently had the pleasure of presenting our findings of a detailed survey conducted on marketing efforts in B.C. at the BCAIM 2012 State of Marketing event. In case you didn’t make it, I’ve highlighted below some key trends to watch out for.


A Greener ‘Vision’ for BC Marketers?

Ipsos Reid’s Carmen Chan will be joining a number of her colleagues at today’s BCAMA Vision Conference in Vancouver – an event proudly sponsored by Ipsos. No doubt, some of BC’s biggest marketers will be there. How are those retail marketers doing at greening up their reputations? Carmen wrote about that very topic for the BCAMA’s Marketline publication. And we have a posting about her article, including a list of the Top 10 Mentioned Environmentally-Friendly Retailers in BC found in a recent Ipsos Reid study on retailers and the environment.