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5 Principles for Effective Digital Advertising

In today’s new realities of paid, owned and earned media, marketers have to think differently about the role that digital plays in their media plan. And while digital may provide unprecedented ability to target consumers, many campaigns fail to realize … Read More…

Let’s Get Digital Client Event in Toronto

Ipsos ASI recently took to the stage to shed new light on the important role that creative plays in digital ad performance. On November 18, Ipsos ASI held a complimentary presentation over breakfast at a cool loft space in downtown … Read More…

Spotlight on Advertising with Gordon Bingham

Gordon Bingham, President of Ipsos ASI Canada shares the vision for launching our new quarterly newsletter, as well as reviewing the content of this inaugural issue.

Fifa World Cup Advertising

Leveraging the passion of the World Cup for your brand

Leveraging the passion of the World Cup for your brand (click image for full size view)

A Handful of Reasons to Get Smarter with Mobile

Across the globe, people are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before—from communicating with friends, to listening to music, to researching a product or brand. This increased engagement has significant implications for those of us in the … Read More…

New world success looks much like old world success

In this new world where change is the only constant, we have the perfect storm:

  • Brand Management is changing with the threat of “me too” brands, the growth in private labels, company alignment behind billion dollar brands, and the retail trade becoming more powerful.
  • Advertising is changing with the growth of new digital, social, and mobile touchpoints, with the resulting decay in some traditional media.
  • Consumerism has changed with shoppers being more connected, knowledgeable, empowered, and demanding (“right now, right here”).  It is the era of the “prosumer”.

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Advertising Research – Earlier is Better

Martin Weigel, head of planning at Wieden+Kennedy, delivered the keynote address at “Nurturing Great Creative: Sowing the Seeds.” His message was resonant, and a few of his comments stayed with me: “Until [an ad] is made, you are researching creative … Read More…

The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge Says “Yes, We Cannes!”

Dedicated, driven, creative, successful, accomplished, connected, compassionate – those are just a few words to describe the women that Ipsos will be celebrating, toasting and hosting this week. The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge is setting up shop once more, providing a … Read More…

Disco May be Dead, But a Good Idea Should Live!

Ah, the 1970s.

It was the time of Charlie’s Angels, Saturday Night Fever and ABBA.

And as Elissa Moses confesses, it was also a time when she killed more than an ad or two – most without regret or hesitation. But then, of course, there is always that one that haunts you…like an oil embargo or Watergate or those plaid bellbottom pants.

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Daddy, What’s a TV? Advertising in the Digital Age

I am old enough to remember the pre-cable (and even pre-remote!) age. When cable TV started gaining in popularity and there was talk of TV content moving to a subscription model, some wondered what would happen with TV advertising. Well, … Read More…

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