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The Complete Picture: To Mystery Shop or Conduct Satisfaction Surveys?

One of the recurring themes I’ve heard from customer experience professionals is their company is not Mystery Shopping their front line employees because they have a Customer Satisfaction (CSat) program in place.  It is rather surprising how many believe that … Read More…

Darrell Bricker at TEDxToronto: The Big Shift – Understanding the New Canadian

On September 26, 2013, Darrell Bricker – Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos Public Affairs, was one of a select number of presenters at Toronto’s fifth annual TEDx conference!

Watch Darrell’s presentation at TEDx on The Big Shift – Understanding The New Canadian.

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The Lloyd’s Risk Index: Then & Now

Risk analysis is essential to business leaders in today’s uncertain economic times. Run in conjunction with our UK-based colleagues at Ipsos MORI, the Lloyd’s Risk Index 2013 is a survey of global business leaders’ perceptions of the greatest risks to … Read More…

The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge Says “Yes, We Cannes!”

Dedicated, driven, creative, successful, accomplished, connected, compassionate – those are just a few words to describe the women that Ipsos will be celebrating, toasting and hosting this week. The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge is setting up shop once more, providing a … Read More…

Daddy, What’s a TV? Advertising in the Digital Age

I am old enough to remember the pre-cable (and even pre-remote!) age. When cable TV started gaining in popularity and there was talk of TV content moving to a subscription model, some wondered what would happen with TV advertising. Well, … Read More…

Million Veteran Program

John Vidmar, President, Ipsos Public Affairs, USA, discusses The Million Veteran Program. The Million Veteran Program is one of the largest human genome research projects ever conducted. Commissioned by the United States’ Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the goal of MVP is to better understand how genes affect health and illness in order to improve health care for Veterans, and all Americans.

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Understanding Programmatic Digital Ad Buying

Digital advertising used to be purchased and sold 100% manually. Those with ads to sell, such as Yahoo! and MSN, would pitch their content and associated ad inventory and targeting solutions to advertisers and agencies. It worked in the other direction as well. Agencies and advertisers would put our RFPs requesting access to certain audiences in certain contexts.

As ad networks and the alphabet soup of associated and emerging platforms such as DSPs, SSPs and RTB systems developed, programmatic buying has become more commonplace.

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Ipsos Ideas: Advertising, Consumers, Reputations


The ultimate goal of market research is to make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of all the elements impacting your brand. Better information means better decisions. Our aim at Ipsos is to constantly add to the conversation around consumers, brands, and the marketplace. And that’s what the February issue of Ipsos Ideas is all about.

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Optimism Abound for 2013

Optimism for 2013 is high among participants in a new 23-country poll by Ipsos for Reuters News


Optimism is high among participants in a new 23-country poll by global research company Ipsos for Reuters news.

Eight in ten agree (80%, up 8 points since 2011) they are optimistic that 2013 will be a better year than 2012. This optimism is mirrored by a similar spike in those optimistic that the global economy will be stronger in 2013. Even though only half (49%) agree, the measure represents an eight-point improvement since last year.

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Ipsos Ideas: The Best of the Year


For the January issue of Ipsos Ideas, we’re taking a look back at some of the most popular articles of 2012. We have you to thank for that. Based on our readership statistics, topics like digital advertising, social media, reputation, and big data captured your attention in the past year. And so we revisit these topics once more. No doubt, they’ll continue to captivate you in 2013.

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