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The State of Marketing in British Columbia

What keeps B.C.’s marketers up at night? What new and innovative ideas are they keen to explore? Which brands inspire them the most? We wanted to know so in conjunction with the British Columbia Association of Integrated Marketers, we turned to marketing, communications and advertising professionals across the province to get a clearer picture.

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I recently had the pleasure of presenting our findings of a detailed survey conducted on marketing efforts in B.C. at the BCAIM 2012 State of Marketing event. In case you didn’t make it, I’ve highlighted below some key trends to watch out for.


Owning the “Change” Agenda: The 2013 Italian parliamentary elections

On February 24th and 25th, Italy will hold a general election which will produce a new Prime Minister.  This occurs against the backdrop of a dismal economy where over the last 10 years the GDP did not expand –a net 0% growth rate—and with  an unemployment  rate in the double digits.  Mario Monti,  the present Prime Minister who came to power in November 2011 after the fall of Berlusconi’s government, was the consensus choice among all parties  to push needed economic and market reforms.  In the wake of the Greece default, Italian politicians and policy makers wanted to staunch the credibility bleed  by chosing Monti, a technocrat and university professor, as Prime Minister.  It was thought that he would be the one to push the necessary but unpopular reforms—those most demanded by investors and other international stakeholders.

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Healthcare is Top Priority for Canadians

Healthcare has been a top issue among Canadians for decades. While it has been wrestled from its perch at times by sporadic issues of the day, healthcare always returns to be a primary focus for Canadians.

Our February edition of Public Perspectives features detailed findings from a recent poll about healthcare conducted by the Ipsos Health Policy Institute. The report explores issues associated with access to healthcare and Canadians’ experiences with the healthcare system.


Just more about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs or Setting the stage for Long-Term Economic Competitiveness

Just more about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs or Setting the stage for Long-Term Economic Competitiveness?

Today, February 12th 2013, President Obama will give the 227th State of the Union address and the 5th of his presidency. This specific speech will have special significance because it is the first of his second term as president. It is his opening volley and will help set the policy tone for the next four years.  It, in other worlds, is an important speech.

But what should, and ultimately what will, Obama say?

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Understanding Programmatic Digital Ad Buying

Digital advertising used to be purchased and sold 100% manually. Those with ads to sell, such as Yahoo! and MSN, would pitch their content and associated ad inventory and targeting solutions to advertisers and agencies. It worked in the other direction as well. Agencies and advertisers would put our RFPs requesting access to certain audiences in certain contexts.

As ad networks and the alphabet soup of associated and emerging platforms such as DSPs, SSPs and RTB systems developed, programmatic buying has become more commonplace.


Ipsos Ideas: Advertising, Consumers, Reputations


The ultimate goal of market research is to make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of all the elements impacting your brand. Better information means better decisions. Our aim at Ipsos is to constantly add to the conversation around consumers, brands, and the marketplace. And that’s what the February issue of Ipsos Ideas is all about.


My Funny Valentine? Men and Women on the Subject of Valentine’s Day

Well, sometimes you have to look at the data… and just believe it… as crazy as it may seem.

At first glance, our editorial team chuckled when we saw the results from our most recent eNation survey examining how consumers were going to spend Valentine’s Day.

Yikes, are men this out of touch with the needs and desires of the women in their lives?  Are women this passionate about the celebration of Valentine’s Day with their significant other, and spending time with others?


What Women Want… From Media

In the fourth quarter of 2012, Ipsos MediaCT released the second edition of Understanding Women Today, a large-scale study for the advertising sales division of Time Warner Cable.


What are the top issues concerning Canadians?

With a new year ahead, our January edition of Public Perspectives focuses solely on the issue priorities of Canadians. The report provides an in-depth look into the most important issues of Canadians by gender, age, income and region. Below is a quick snapshot of the findings:

Comparing the issue priorities of Canadians and U.S., the report reveals we share the same top three issue concerns – healthcare, unemployment and jobs, and taxes. For Canadians, healthcare (43%) holds top spot, followed closely by unemployment and jobs (41%), while taxes (31%) trail behind.


Promises, Promises…

It’s a New Year, and the promises and commitments made by many Americans for 2013 have already been broken, abandoned, or pushed till February.

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